Mary Jane Alvero-Al Mahdi: Taking Muslim fashion to the next level


Dubai Filipina Mary Jane Alvero-Al Mahdi is breathing new life to the traditional Muslim fashion by giving modern twists and glamorous touch to her wardrobe, wearing colorful shaylas, printed and playful floral skirts, seamless trousers and blazers among others.

Muslim fashion popularity has taken a mainstream position in Muslim countries along with other fashion trends. That is the reason why high end and international brands like Dolce and Gabbana, Mango, and Guess among others have launched Ramadan-focused collections. Muslim women can now practice their religious obligations and stay classy at the same time.

“It is the right of every woman to stay elegant and look beautiful while wearing shayla. Fashion and culture shouldn’t stop us from flourishing, rather it adds to our modesty and beauty as women,” the multi-awarded Filipina told The Filipino Times.

Al Mahdi is the CEO of Prime Certification and Inspection as well as of Geoscience Testing Laboratory (GTL). Apart from being a lady boss to more than 500 employees, she is a wife to Mohamed and mother to Humaid and Noor.

Al Mahdi is known for her dramatic signature style. Dramatic in the sense that she is able to pull of mixing and matching tops with skirts, pants and blazers with a high sense of sophistication and prestige in any given occasion.


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